with The KG Mastermind.
Are you pouring your heart and soul into your salon, clinic, or aesthetics business, only to find you don't have enough money left at the end of the month? 
You're not alone. Our industry can be really tough, with trying to get client's through the door and other salon's pricing less than you. But what if I told you that your business could not only survive but thrive, bringing in thousands extra a month, while giving you back your time?
to the only mastermind of its kind in our industry, offering an exclusive and transformative programme for salon and clinic owners that want to grow their business to the next level and have freedom they dream off.
Facing the end of another month, have you ever found yourself wondering where all the money you made has gone? Or why you're stuck hitting the same amount every month and can't seem how to grow? I feel you, this was exactly me years ago. 
This is truly where The KG Mastermind steps in, promising to transform your business taking it to the next level and make more money.
Picture yourself, finally able to raise a glass to real success. No more winging it and actually building a growing business.
  • Getting new clients can feel like a never-ending struggle, I'm here to make it easy. I'll show you how to gain new clients with ease. It's all about making your business a magnet for clients.
  • Difficult to get clients to rebook before they leave, I will help you turn every service you offer into an unforgettable experience. Having you fully booked in advance.
  • Building the right team seems impossible, I will guide you in developing a culture where every team member fits perfectly. Where clients are happy to try another therapist or hairdresser rather than only having you. 
  • ​It's just about the treatments, I’ll show you why it's about the whole experience. I'll help you improve every part of your business, from the first hello to building repeat clients and referrals coming in easily. You'll create an experience that turns your clients into raving fans.
Ready for a big change, have the business you dreamt of, earn more money AND have freedom rather than being trapped in the treatment room?
 KG Mastermind is the place to start that journey.
KG Mastermind uses the strength of shared knowledge, responsibility, and expert advice to take your business further than you ever imagined.
With over 15 years in the beauty industry, having a chain of salons, nationwide training academy, and globally sold product line, I’ve seen it all. And now, I want to share my secrets with you.

Hi, I'm Katie. My journey hasn't been straight out of a fairy tale. It started with my dad giving me just £40 a week to survive, when I was over £50,000 in debt to start up my salon with ZERO clients. I grew my brand that's now taking over half a million a year, and took me from my first salon to franchising my own brand having a chain of 5 salons and academies up and down the country. Along the way, I grew from no clients to over 17,000 in one location alone and growing a team so I could have freedom bringing up my children on my own. 

Dropping out of school at 13 due to bullying, I had no qualifications to my name, just a tonne of resilience. That resilience turned into ambition, leading me to the world of modelling. It wasn't just about posing for cameras; it was my first real learning of teaching me the ropes of marketing and personal branding.

At 18, I started my own business KG Model Management, starting from my parents' office. But soon I wanted a real location which was when I found my salon. As the demand for beauty treatments started to grow I decided to focus on the salon and close the agency.  That decision was tough but the best thing I ever did - I started to build a team, win awards and become fully booked! 

Don't get me wrong, the first couple of year were hard! This wasn't an overnight success. The option to go bankrupt felt easier than carrying on but quitting isn't in my DNA. I studied every business book, listened to every podcast, took every course I could to learn business. The salon transformed into a multi-award-winning brand, and has given me opportunities to help those in our industry.

Today, as the CEO of the KG brand and through parts of my business like our eyelash training academy, a globally sold lash and brows product range, and my podcast and becoming a best-selling author, I've made it my mission to help beauty businesses. It's not just about my achievements - like transforming my life from living on £40 a week to enjoying the freedom I always wanted or winning over 18 awards. It's about what I can help you achieve.

I started with next to nothing, faced down my share of adversity, and built something I'm proud of. Now, I'm here to share what I've learned, helping you build your dream without falling into the traps I did. If I made it from there to here, imagine where we can take your business together.

My clients have tripled their income, slashed their working hours, and transformed their businesses that work for them, not the other way around. All through a combination of implementing strategies, community support, and personalised 121 coaching.

With two tiers to The KG Mastermind, pick your path:


    Who it’s for:
    Jumpstart your business’s growth with our 6-month Growth Mastermind. Tailored
    for up-and-comers in the beauty industry, Growth offers the guidance, community, and resources you need to smash through the £6k/months and get fully booked. Flexible entry, expert speakers, and personalised support make Growth
    the ultimate accelerator for your beauty empire. Don't just dream of
    success - make it inevitable.

  • Duration:
    6 months
  • Support type:
    Monthly hot seat coaching calls

  • Community access:
    Group WhatsApp
    1x in-person mastermind day
  • Learning opportunities:
    Guest speakers
    Online portal access
    1x private coaching session with Katie
  • Extra features:

    Mastermind retreat price 

  • Mastermind is worth:
  • You pay:
    £2995. Discount available if pay in full.
  • (open entry; can join any time)

  • Who it’s for:
    Elevate your business to next level success and £15k+ months with the 12-month Scale Mastermind. Designed for the ambitious entrepreneur, this 12-month journey offers bespoke strategies, exclusive networking, and direct mentorship from Katie herself. Imagine working fewer hours while your income grows and grows: Scale makes this happen! With application-only entry, secure your spot among those at the same level and transform your business into a powerhouse.
  • Duration:
    12 months
  • Support type:
    Monthly roadmap coaching calls
    Monthly hot seat coaching calls
    1-to-1 WhatsApp support
  • Community access:
    Group WhatsApp
    2x in-person mastermind day
  • Learning opportunities:
    Guest speakers
    Online portal access
    2x private coaching sessions with Katie
  • Extra features:
    1 International retreat (excluding flights/accommodation)
    Feature in a podcast episode reaching my audience of over 60,000 people (roughly 30,000 monthly listeners)
  • Mastermind is worth:
  • You pay:
    £7995. Discount available if pay in full.
    (application/invite only)

There's nothing like this mastermind in our industry, giving you a unique chance to get ahead of the competition. What you invest isn't just about the money - it's about gaining freedom, increasing your earnings, and no more winging it.

Imagine ending the month with more money, a loyal and growing client base, and the time to enjoy your success. That’s not just a dream; it's a reality with the KG Mastermind.

Ready to transform your business for 2024?
Your journey to a more profitable, fulfilling, and manageable business starts with a single step: joining the KG Mastermind. With limited spots available and the chance to drastically change the course of your business, can you afford to wait?

The next chapter of your business story could be its most exciting yet!
Secure your future in the beauty industry today. It’s not just an investment in your business; it’s an investment in your dream life. Welcome to the KG Mastermind - where your success story begins.
Is it worth the investment?
Absolutely. My clients always tell me how they have made their investment back and so much more. It's not just about the financial gains; it's also about the massive improvements in quality of life, smooth running of the business, and understanding of systems you should have in your business.
Will I have the time?
I understand the demands of running a business, which is why this Mastermind is made to work around your busy schedule. The goal here is to drive transformative results without adding to your workload, making sure that every moment spent in the Mastermind is impactful and game changing.
How do I know if it is right for me?
If you're really committed to levelling up your beauty business and are ready for change, you're in the right place. The KG Mastermind is catered to those ready to step up, offering the tools, community, and support needed to thrive in our competitive industry.
How quickly can I expect to see results?
While everyone's results vary, many of my clients begin to see big changes within the first few months. The key is being consistent, showing up to calls and making the most of your 121 support. Mixed with asking questions in the community for support and accountability.
 Can I join from anywhere?
Yes! The KG Mastermind includes an online portal, and a WhatsApp group that allow you to engage from wherever you are. For in-person events, you’ll have the option to travel, but it’s not a requirement for success in the mastermind.
What if I'm newer to the beauty industry?
The Growth Mastermind is designed for those earlier in their journey or hitting them £6,000 months. It’s the perfect starting point to build a strong foundation, attract more clients, and get ready for future growth.
What makes The KG Mastermind different from other programs?
My unique blend of personal experience, direct access to me, and a community of like-minded professionals sets this Mastermind apart. I focus on practical, tested strategies tailored to the beauty industry, delivered in a format that respects your time and investment.
What is the application process like?
For the Scale Mastermind, the application process to make sure that each member is at the right stage in their business to benefit most from the mastermind. It involves a short business assessment call to make sure your the perfect fit. 
Can I talk to someone before I decide?
Of course! I encourage you to book a business assessment call with me here. This no-obligation conversation allows me to understand your business needs and goals better and helps you determine if The KG Mastermind is the perfect fit for your journey.
What support will I receive after the mastermind ends?
My commitment to your success extends beyond the Mastermind's duration. I offer post-Mastermind support options ensuring you continue to apply what you’ve learned and keep growing. These will be offered to you after the Mastermind if you wish.
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